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We The People.

Help Fund & Build The Awakened Patriot Social Movement. #WWG1WGA

Help Bring The Awakened Patriot To Life.

The Awakened Patriot is a community-driven organization, and grassroots movement on a mission to take back America by connecting patriots to projects that make America Great again!

Dear Patriot,

By participating in one of the Crowdfunding campaigns below you and the other valued supporters within our community are helping to bring an Awakened Patriot project to life.

We use the phrase “Where we go one we go all” often because that’s what it’s going to take for us (We the people) to pull ourselves out of the mess we have found ourselves in.

Basically we’re going to have to learn to work together like never before, if we are to come together like never before. And we don’t have all the time in the world, the clock is definitely ticking.

The enemy is very well-organized and highly funded. So this isn’t just wishful thinking this is an imperative strategy we need to employ together if we are to save our country and preserve our very way of life.

Everyday thousands of patriots donate to their favorite politicians and causes but they don’t really know or have a say as to where that money goes. We believe in transparency and we also believe in not only showing you but allowing you to be involved in the building process of this movement.

And right now we are focused on crowdfunding the startup and development portion of the Awakened Patriot platform. We have 2 campaigns below which are live and you can contribute to now.

These campaigns once funded will help cover the technology, labor, secure hosting, research & development as well as the startup and legal costs of the Awakened Patriot platform.

Once these goals are hit, then we can move forward as a community and add more projects and campaigns which will have more of an impact on you locally.

Thanks again for your support!