Our Mission Is To Empower & Connect

Awake Patriots Worldwide

Online and offline, locally and globally together as ONE, in the pursuit of Life, Liberty, And Justice for All.

Where We Go One We Go ALL.

"The forgotten man and woman will never be forgotten again. We will all come together as never before."

President Donald J. Trump

Our mission is our shared freedom. Yours, ours, and every man, woman, and child’s freedom around the globe is at stake.

We created The Awakened Patriot™ Movement to connect Patriots in the USA and beyond after the great Big Tech purge of January 2021.

It’s NOW more important than ever for Patriots, digital soldiers, and freedom fighters around the world to stay connected and that’s exactly why we created this movement.

Only by working together can we save our countries, our freedoms, our selves, and preserve our very way of life.

Right now our freedoms, our rights, our bodies, and our minds are under constant attack by an enemy that most still can’t see.

It’s time to lock arms and fight the forces of evil patriot, it’s time join the fight! 

It’s time to get organized, it’s time to ACT. If you haven’t already created your free account with us, just click the get started button below now to join us so we can take back what has been stolen from us!

God Wins.

Of course, in the end we all know that God Wins but that doesn’t mean we can just sit on the sidelines and do nothing.

We believe there is way too much complacency and division in the patriot community right now.

We need to come together and work with God and each other to lock arms and fight the forces of evil.

Right now millions of innocent people on our planet are being led down a dark and dangerous path.

Believing the lies, not questioning the narrative, and injecting and subjecting themselves to poisons of the mind, body, and spirit.

This is no ordinary war we are in. It’s psychological, biological, and most importantly spiritual.

Everything is at stake patriot and we need your help.

This is the battle for our souls. We can’t win this war without you.

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You are the plan. God's plan, and we are the one's we have been waiting for. The time to act is NOW.

The Awakened Patriot

Get Involved.

“Local action national impact you have to get involved – it’s not their problem it’s our problem”

General Michael T. Flynn

We are a community-driven, grassroots organization. We don’t grow without the participation and support of you, the members of our community.

If you’re inspired by our mission and would like to help out there’s a few ways you can contribute.

#1. Join us & Invite your patriot friends.

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2. Crowdfund A Project.

Once you join you with the help of the rest of the community can bring an Awakened Patriot project to life in your state, city or community.

Put your money where your country is. We vote with our dollars.

If we want to see change, make America great again, and return our land to its former glory then it’s up to us to work together.

This is how we do that. 

3. Make A Donation

We are a small team of hard working patriots. We work day and night on this platform to build, maintain, and make it better for you.

Every dollar counts and helps us tremendously, so if you’ve got some change to spare or would like to make a sizeable donation to our cause we would appreciate it.

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4. Buy A Product

We’ve created an amazing patriotic product line for our supporters and community.

When you buy a product you are directly supporting the team behind the Awakened Patriot so we can continue to support you, the American people.

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