Creating Local, Relevant, Productive and Purposeful Connections Within The Awakened Patriot Community.

“We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union….”

In our aim to create a more connected, productive, and effective community, here are a few guidelines to follow when it comes to building, connections, making friends, and joining groups within the Awakened Patriot.

Only join your state’s group. There is no need for anyone to join all 50 groups. This is not a popularity contest or a platform for you to network and gain digital clout with, nor to sell your stuff to other community members.

Our goal is to connect you here so you can eventually meet and gather offline where real change happens. Otherwise everything is just in the cloud. When you meet your first Awakened Patriot in real life it will really ground everything down for you and make the work we are doing here real.

If you operate in multiple states and some of us do then join the state groups that are relevant to you.

Next, you don’t need to be friends with everyone in the community. Keep your connections relevant to those members who are local to you as well.

If you were operating in an infantry unit you would stay with that unit and wouldn’t be hanging out with the entire army.

We use military examples a lot because we are doing something very strategic here and attempting to organize things at a level you may not be quite accustomed too.

It’s a difficult task especially with some of the habits some of us have gained over the years on other social media platforms.

Remember the Awakened Patriot is not a social media platform, it is a collaborative framework designed for us to get things done at a grassroots level. 

Our ultimate goal is boots on the ground but our work starts here in the cloud.

So be strategic in your associations here and be a curator of your connections so you can build a more solid, purposeful network that’s local and relevant to you.

Understand what’s at stake and operate like it.

Who would you want on the battlefield with you? Someone who is a thousand miles a way or someone who is right next door?

We think the answer is obvious. 

Ideally as we start out, if you’re going to add friends on here, add friends that are in your own state or a secondary state you spend a lot of time in.

We hope this helps you forge relevant, local, and empowered relationships with other members in the community that in time you will meet face to face.

That’s the goal.

If you want to add or follow the leaders and team behind the Awakened Patriot in order to stay connected to them for news and updates. That’s ok too.

If there is nobody in your state or group right now, there will be soon…

Thank you. Again, any questions about this strategy or post feel free to discuss them with us within the beta community on Telegram.

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