Awakened Patriot Beta Community Expectations & Best Practices

Our primary goal with the Awakened Patriot first and foremost is to prove the concept by opening it up slowly and letting it take its natural course.

We don’t want to create a massive influx where things get out of hand until we have a few key things in place internally which our development team is hard at work on behind the scenes.

It would be a bit like letting a rodeo bull into an arena with cardboard walls. We don’t want to do that.

We want to create a focused culture of collaboration, innovation, and creative solutions to the problems we the people are currently facing. (and there’s a lot of them, we know.)

Therefore and we really want you to get this and understand why we’re doing it. We ask that you do not share outside information, links, etc; on the Awakened Patriot Core site for now (

Why? Because right now everything is brand new and it’s time to meet and greet your fellow patriot brothers and sisters. It’s time to join your state’s groups and introduce yourself to the community. It’s time to get connected, our survival depends on it. We need to get briefed, connected, and into action asap. It’s time to become productive and besides the information out there right now is abundant and everywhere already on Telegram.

It’s not that what you are sharing isn’t valuable, it’s that we are not creating a platform that’s a free for all. We are creating an organized force of underutilized American and global patriot potential to tackle specific directives and goals. Eventually we will have university style education systems in place to take the different bits & bytes of information our members would like to share into an easily digestible, organized, and categorized format for the entire community.

Treat your role here like you would as if you’ve enrolled in some sort of civilian military operation where there are ranking officers, rulesets, guidelines, a strategic framework and leadership that you must respect and adhere to.

A lot of people are upset right now and want to do something about what’s happening in our countries, communities, and world. We understand. And that’s why we’ve created this platform. For now we just ask that you kindly share the information you would like to share in our public chat and not on the site or within the beta chat community as we create a culture of collaboration.

Link to our public chat.

That way we can keep the community focused.

All of our chats for the most part are going to be strategically moderated and the content will be focused on the theme of the chat. For instance if you join the Awakened Patriots of Colorado the discussion will be on local news & events relevant to what’s happening in Colorado and how it would affect you as a resident of that state. Not what “Kill Bill: Gates, Klaus “anal” Schwab or Creepy Joe Biden said or are doing (Those guys get enough attention and airtime as it is, don’t you think? Ask your self is it helping to focus on them?). Nothing about vaccines, masks, etc; even though they are the topics of our time, unless it pertains to your state or community directly.

Understand the Awakened Patriot is not a political platform, it is a social movement focused on building the new, specifically new hyperconnected local networks on web 3.0 technology. You can’t solve a problem on the same level of thinking that created it. The system is broken, there is no political solution. Our leaders are corrupt to the core.

We have a constitutional right to peacefully assemble, collaborate, transact etc; in a private environment. That’s what we are doing.

Thank you for reading this and if you have a post removed from the community, this is why. If you keep doing it and don’t bother to attend our events and learn about the type of culture we are creating and the direction we’re headed. You might be asked to leave or removed. Understand what’s at stake and please help be a part of the solution through learning to operate in conjunction with our mission and leadership team.

Every great leader knows not only how and when to lead but when and how to follow as well. Don’t be so rebellious that you are just an unfocused, unproductive, unvaluable, and ineffective mess.

What we resist persists and we are not creating a culture of resistance. 

Thank you.

The Awakened Patriot Development Team

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